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Reference: DAV-TZ715

Brand: SONY

Home-Cinema Brand SONY

Set 5.1 Sound power: 600 Wrms DVD player Radio FM USB input - WARRANTY = 12 MonthsFree shipping to Ouaga Whatsapp : 78 99 89 04 / 76 61 25 75
175,000 FCFA
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Solar installations
Solar installations

Solar installations

Solar equipment installations: solar systems, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners...
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Reference: Inst-Solaire

Installation of solar systems

The Offer includes: The sizing of your solar installation Installation of your solar panels and equipment Getting started with your installation 06-month warranty (full support) NB: The unit price represents the installation of a 1 KWp photovoltaic solar system. For a lower installation ask us for a quote.
35,000 FCFA
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