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Split air conditioner brand SAMSUNG SAMSUNG 1 - hascor
  • Split air conditioner brand SAMSUNG SAMSUNG 1 - hascor
  • Split air conditioner brand SAMSUNG SAMSUNG 2 - hascor

Split air conditioner brand SAMSUNG


- Power: 24000 BTU (3 hp)
- Virus doctor (clean air)
- Compact design
- Power consumption: 2600 W

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Transform your home into a completely purified area.

Talk about a wave of fresh air. The Virus Doctor system from SAMSUNG dramatically improves indoor air quality so that you breathe only clean, healthy air. It eliminates invisible, health-threatening biological contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and allergy-causing agents to protect you from everyday ailments and illnesses. By purifying a space of over 19.16 cubic meters, the Virus Doctor system not only breathes fresh air into your home, but also eliminates all competition.

Wake up in a good mood with Good Sleep.

Not getting a good night's sleep can be a problem during the day. That's why Good Sleep from SAMSUNG helps create a comfortable environment in your room. With precise temperature control and automatic humidity adjustment, the three vital phases of sleep are protected from humidity and heat so you wake up feeling fully rested and ready to start a new day. Good Sleep not only saves you precious minutes and hours of potential sleep, it also saves 36% more energy than normal cooling mode.

Complete comfort. Total efficiency.

The S-Inverter from SAMSUNG not only gets you to your desired temperature quickly, but also maintains it without the unnecessary on/off of most other air conditioners. With the S-Inverter, you no longer have to turn off the power to save energy and reduce your bill. In fact, the air conditioner changes its operating mode to economy to save up to 50% energy compared to an air conditioner without an inverter, while still providing you with optimal comfort at the temperature you want. Plus, it not only requires less energy, but also produces less vibration so your environment is as peaceful as it is comfortable.

Comfort Care helps you enjoy your surroundings.

Your air conditioner may be set to the perfect temperature, but that doesn't mean you're completely comfortable. In fact, temperature is only one part of the equation for total comfort. Even when the air conditioner is stabilized at your precise ideal temperature, changing humidity levels in the air can compromise your comfort. However, Comfort Care technology from SAMSUNG measures the humidity and temperature of the room and automatically adjusts it to your comfort level.

Leave the unit on to keep it cool.

With Smart Saver, you won't have to turn the air conditioner off when you feel the room is cool enough and then turn it back on when the room starts to warm up. Smart Saver automatically runs the air conditioner for as long as it takes to keep the room comfortable and saves up to 31% in electricity costs so you can keep your bill low and enjoy the coolness.

Indicator light. Deep breath.

Don't hold your breath until it turns blue. The blue LED light from SAMSUNG lets you breathe knowing your air conditioner is giving off clean, healthy air. As soon as the MPI function is activated, your SAMSUNG air conditioner begins the purification process so you can always breathe the freshest air. Plus, the blue LED light gives you complete peace of mind that as long as it stays on, it confirms that your indoor air quality is perfect.

Designed to blow and to last.

Unlike conventional air conditioners, this SAMSUNG air conditioner was designed to blow cool air without turning off. Typically, air conditioners are not designed to handle large fluctuations in voltage. However, the SAMSUNG air conditioner will operate stably at consistently low or high voltages up to 25% without placing undue stress on the compressor. This makes it ideal for use in the height of summer and in remote areas with unstable supply voltages.

Extreme temperatures require extreme measures.

Designed specifically for oppressive hot climates, the Ultra Tropical Rotary Plus TM compressor from SAMSUNG is powerful enough to handle the highest temperatures. How powerful? With its high-torque motor, the UTR Plus TM works valiantly in extreme environments up to 60°C / 140°F.

Preserve your health with money.

Your health is precious. That's why SAMSUNG air conditioners are the only ones to feature a filter and evaporator coated with a precious metal: silver. Our silver-coated filter removes microscopic dust particles, mold and unpleasant odors. When it comes to your health, silver technology from SAMSUNG is the gold standard.

Maximum comfort with minimum expense.

Don't sacrifice comfort to save more money. SAMSUNG air conditioners offer great cooling power for less consumption, while saving you money and energy - without compromising your comfort. With 25% more efficiency than the competition, you'll notice the difference on your bill. Plus, you'll feel the difference as soon as you turn it on.

LED temperature display.

You may not know it, but an air conditioner can generate mold and spread germs. The difference between indoor and outdoor air temperatures causes mold and mildew to form inside the unit, and bacteria to grow. Our solution? SAMSUNG air conditioners have an automatic cleaning function that automatically turns on the fan, even when you turn it off, so that everything is dry and odor-free, while preventing the spread of germs.

Total stability for maximum comfort.

Stay perfectly and consistently cool with the built-in Stabilizer-Free feature from SAMSUNG. It automatically stabilizes the voltage to prevent sudden power outages to ensure your comfort under any circumstances. Plus, its hassle-free operation is enhanced by its sophisticated, sleek look, compact design and wall mounting.

It stays clean to ensure your health.

Typically, most people wait until it's too late to clean their air conditioner filter. Dirt builds up and causes malfunctions, develops viruses and contaminates the air. However, the filter cleaning light on SAMSUNG emits a blue light to let you know that the filter needs to be cleaned. For your information, it should be cleaned after about 500 hours. So you can try counting the hours or leave it to the light.

Compact design. High power.

Design should never take a back seat. The new sleek, compact air conditioners from SAMSUNG are 12% smaller and 20% lighter, yet just as powerful as their larger counterparts. An exclusive compact design ensures that they are not only lightweight, easy to install and take up less space, but they also add character to your home.

Easy to use and control.

The new ergonomic remote control from SAMSUNG was designed for everyone, whether you're a school kid or turning 81. With larger numbers, touch-sensitive buttons, an ultra-readable screen and a comfortable grip, you'll always be in control. Plus, its circular navigation keypad will really give you more control.

LED temperature display.

No matter how old you are, you'll easily check the temperature with the user-friendly display. Easy-to-read, oversized numbers are displayed in bright white light for instant temperature readings. In addition, the simple and attractive icons make it easy to use.



  • Cooling capacity : 24 000 Btu/h
  • Cooling capacity: 5846.946 Cal/hr
  • TRE (Cooling) : 9.230769231 Btu/W
  • TRE (Cooling) : 2.615384615 W/W
  • Coefficient of Performance (Heating): 2.641509434
  • Cooling capacity : 6.8 / 1000 kW
  • Heating capacity : 24 000 Btu/h
  • Heating capacity: 6018.915 Cal/h
  • Heating capacity: 7 kW
  • Moisture removal: 2.6 l/h
  • Air circulation (Max., ㎥/min.): 17
  • Noise level (High / Low indoor): 42 / 39 / 35 dB
  • Noise level (High outdoor) : 55 dB

Technical information

  • SVC valve (Liquid, OD*L) : Φ6.35 mm x 5 m
  • SVC valve (Gas, OD*L): Φ15.8 mm x 5 m
  • Pipe length: 5 m (STD)
  • Pipe length: 20 m (max.)
  • Pipe length: 8 m (max.)

Electrical data

  • Power source: 220 - 240 / 50 / 1 (V/Hz/Φ)
  • Power consumption (cooling): 2600 W
  • Power consumption (heating): 2650 W
  • Operating current (Cooling): 12.5
  • Operating current (Heating): 12.5

General function

  • Automatic ventilation available
  • Program end reminder signal available
  • Automatic switchover available
  • Silver coated filter available
  • Silver coated evaporator
  • Refrigerant type : R22
  • Deodorizing filter available
  • Catechin filter available
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Air flow control stages (Cooling / Fan): 4 / 3
  • Automatic air direction control (Up / Down)
  • Manual air direction control (Left / Right)
  • Dehumidification available
  • Turbo mode available
  • Good'sleep mode available
  • Timer available
  • Automatic restart available
  • Rotary compressor type

Physical Characteristics

  • Net dimensions: 1065 x 298 x 218 (790 x 548 x 285)
  • Net weight of indoor unit: 13 kg
  • Net weight of outdoor unit: 41 kg
  • Gross weight of indoor unit: 16 kg
  • Gross weight of outer block : 45 kg
  • Loading quantity with hose : 82 / 170 / 197 (20/40/40Hft)
  • Loading quantity without hose: 82 / 170 / 197 (20/40/40Hft)
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