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Brand: SONY

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Professional mixer brand MAIER MAIER 2 - hascor
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Professional mixer brand MAIER

  • Professional blender
  • Capacity: 3.0 Liters
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Power: 500W
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MAIER MR-993 professional bowl mixer with a powerful 550 watt heavy motor that can easily do everything you'd expect from a professional blender. This blender has a steel body + compressed plastic and the bowl and its blades are entirely made of stainless steel. For this mixer, 5 different speeds are considered to perform different tasks, and there is also a turbo mode when you want to use the maximum power of the engine. The peculiarity of this product is the simultaneous rotation of the bowl and the blender in the opposite direction, which makes it possible to mix the feed in the best possible way. The MAIER bowl mixer is suitable for cooking, baking and professional confectionery business, and with a variety of stirring tools. For dough, cakes, etc., it can meet your needs. The parts of this product can be easily separated and you will have no worries about washing the machine. This product has a non-slip base that prevents the slightest jolt in the blender. Of course, the motor of this device, combined with high power, has low noise and no vibration. The eject button is also used for separation. The blender is also designed to separate the bowl, which can be easily separated from the base, and you can also use this blender as a hand blender.

- The circular action allows the accessories to rotate independently while performing continuous rotations around the bowl for deep mixing.

- 5 speeds for almost any task or recipe, from slow stirring to mixing, kneading and whipping.

- The Flex Edge mixer scrapes the walls of the bowl for faster and more efficient mixing.

- Tilt head design allows you to easily add ingredients and then remove the work bowl and mixers.

- Move the motor left and right next to the bowl rotation

- The power hub is compatible with optional accessories.

- Includes a Flex Edge mixer, a coated flat mixer, a coated kneading hook and a metal whisk.

- Effective bowl of 3L

- Power: 550W (220-240V)

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