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Brand: SONY

Home-Cinema Brand SONY

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Cabinet Air Conditioner Brand SHARP SHARP 1 - hascor
  • Cabinet Air Conditioner Brand SHARP SHARP 1 - hascor

Cabinet Air Conditioner Brand SHARP

  • Power: 48000 BTU (5 hp)
  • Auto Cooling
  • Standby mode
  • Compact outdoor unit
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Ions Plasmacluster cleans indoor air and neutralizes unwanted odors.

The air inside of ordinary houses contains harmful organisms that are invisible such as bacteria and and viruses. The Technology Plasmacluster technology from SHARP, uniqueinstalled in the the air conditioner, uses the actions of positive and negative ions to sanitize these contaminants in the air and create a pleasant pleasant living space.
Plasmacluster Ions minimizes the growth of mold and mildew growth inside the air conditioner.
(Inverter and super deluxe models only)

While air blowing and dry operations are performed for about 40 minutes, Plasmacluster ions are blown through the inside of the equipment . This prevents odors causing mold on the surface of the heat exchanger. (Note:. mold already formed cannot be removed)
The fan blades modeled after nature for better circulation of efficiency ENERGY EFFICIENCY.
The operation of the air conditioner is controlled to achieve a considerable reduction in energy consumption, maintaining a comfortable room temperature.

While Inverter air conditioners have a full power operation mode, they significantly reduceenergy consumption when used in energy saving operation mode. This is because of an inverter circuit, which changes and maintains the room temperature by switching the compressor between high and low operating modes, instead of turning it on and off completely like non-Inverter models do. The inverter model keeps the compressor running and simply reduces the output when the room reaches the target, comfortable temperature.
Energy saving (inverter models)

Inverterair conditioners switch to energy-saving operation mode as soon as the set temperature is reached. SHARP reducesenergy consumption and increases performance andefficiency with its DC power motor for the compressor and outdoor fan, and a linear pulse expansion valve.
super Jet

Powerful, strong air stream blowing energetically downwards.
The large fan emits a larger volume of air expanded with a vigorous speed vigorous speed, cools instantly cools your body and the room. The grills reversible send the air flow downwards more than upwards, you places you in the the direct trajectory of the breezeeven if you are sitting close to the ground or in a reclining position.

Large fan and construction of grid construction reversible allow even more powerful even more powerful cooling than ever before.
Even more air volume. Powerful, high-speed cooling speed cooling cools the body directlywhile creating an immediate immediately a pleasant environment inside.

Jet powerful (Powerful air flow powerful directed directly on the body)

Provides a powerful blast of air. When you you stand in front of the air conditioner, you you can feel the cool breeze on your whole body. For those times when you want to cool down quickly, which offers relief from hot and humid weather, or after exercise or other effort.

The new model reaches the setpoint temperature about 30faster than conventional models, as as shown in the graph. Powerful jet cools the room quickly, so you don't have to don't have to wait to relax.

Gentle Cool Air

Embraces any air flow from the ceiling to the walls.
Cool air spreads throughout the room, creating a pleasant environment for everyone. Its indirect breeze makes this mode ideal for use when pregnant women , the elderly and others who may be sensitive to low temperatures are present. The gentle airflow also makes iteasier to sleep.

SHARP has studied the effects of temperatureair movement. According to the Coandaeffect *, a gas or fluid moving by leaving a nozzle tends to follow nearby surfaces, and cold air tends to move downward. By delivering cold air to the ceiling, the technicians at SHARP have designed a system that cools the entire room gently and evenly.


  • Automatic cooling function automatic
  • Vertical, automatic horizontal swing shutter
  • Sleep mode timer
  • Outdoor unit compact
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 540 x 1825 x 380
  • Coil: (W x H x D): 839.5 x 430 x 38.1 (indoor)
  • Coil: (W x H x D): 730 x 1218 x 44 (outdoor)
  • General
    Capacity (btu) 48000
    Voltage range Cool V 3PH 380-415
    Rated current Cool A 12
    Power input Cool kW 4.65
    EER indoor Btu/WH 2.58
    Dimensions (W X H X D ) Indoor mm 540 X 1825 X 380 MM
    Dimensions (W X H X D ) Outdoor mm 1032 X 1250 X 412
    Net weight Indoor kg 53
    Net weight Outdoor kg 112
    Pipe diameter Indoor mm 12.7
    Pipe diameter Outdoor mm 19.05

    Compressor Type Scroll
    Refrigerant R22/4.10
    Class (Tropical/non-Tropical) Non-Tropical
    Type (Cool Only/Heat&Cool) Cool Only
    USP (with/No Plasmacluster) Non-Plasma
    Origin China

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